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Tan Goon Kwee
Profession : Engineering
Description :

I am a Director at Singapore Technologies, where I supervise and guide a team of Project Technical Leads, who in turn lead a team of multidisciplinary engineers in the design and development of Autonomous Bus. I have more than 15 years of experience in the development of robotics and unmanned ground vehicles.

Throughout my career, I have played various roles such as Mechanical Engineer, Product Engineer, Project Chief Engineer and Project Manager. In addition, I have held the position of Senior Lecturer at Republic Polytechnic for the Diploma in Engineering System and Management.
Experience : 20+ Years
Education : Director of Integration Office
Skills : Project Management, System Engineering
Darren Lee
Construction and Real Estate, Energy, Water and Waste Management, Finance and Insurance
Profession : Construction and Real Estate, Energy, Water and Waste Management, Finance and Insurance
Description :

Darren is a Mechanical Engineering graduate who has gained industry exposure through his past careers in various engineering and management capacities, from civil, building to petrochemical complex construction and plant maintenance. With outstanding people skills, he was also once recruited by a start-up company for artist grooming and management during his full-time MSc study. Those training and exposures have further enhanced him with an outstanding competitive advantage in handling complicated engineering issues and human/interpersonal crises.

Lifelong learning is his life philosophy.

Sharing is the key to widening the circle of competence.

Experience : 10 - 15 Years
Education : Assistant Manager
Skills : Business strategy, Operations management, Overseas expansion
Jasper Yeo Eng Hai
Creative Media and Publication, Finance and Insurance
Profession : Creative Media and Publication, Finance and Insurance
Description :

I am a Singapore-based multimedia designer and developer lead, a balanced combination of creative and technical qualities. I specialise in bridging the gap between designers and programmers, covering all areas and layers of media and software development.

Throughout my entire tertiary education and career, I had been part of both small and big teams, creating rich user experiences through various aspects of design and development. Highly adaptable to the latest technologies and design trends, I can provide insights to facilitate better decisions for the team and company.

While not at work, I am a mentor and corporate volunteer at several organisations.

Design Mentor @ ADPList -

Alumni Mentor at Singapore Institute of Technology -

Tech Mentor at Generation Singapore -

Industry Mentor at Advisory Singapore -

Corporate Volunteer at Halogen Foundation -

Experience : 2 - 5 Years
Education : Front-End Development Team Lead
Skills : IT digital solutions
Shawn Fong
Profession : Manufacturing
Description :
Graduating with a Diploma and Bachelor both in Chemical Engineering, I am highly motivated and positive advocate of operational excellence; adaptable and agile with 14 years of trailblazing experience in the chemical manufacturing industry across various organizations in a broad range of capacities and exposure; a strong believer in the growth mindset and always energized to bring decorum, value and fun to new challenges.
Experience : 10 - 15 Years
Education : Production Engineer
Skills : Operations management
Bernie Teo
Finance and Insurance, Health and Social Services
Profession : Finance and Insurance, Health and Social Services
Description :
Studied and worked overseas for 10+ years. Experience in FMCG and healthcare/pharma industries.
Experience : 15 - 20 Years
Skills : Business strategy, Finance, Others
Lex Wong Wei Foong
Finance and Insurance, Business Consultancy
Profession : Finance and Insurance, Business Consultancy
Description :
An industry leader with several years of experience in leading Insurance businesses across in Singapore. Possesses strong business acumen, financial planning capabilities and expertise in sales, distribution and client servicing. Excellent interpersonal skills combined with a proven track record in delivering results, coaching individuals to be a top performer. Experienced in building and leading the team in a dynamic environment and adept at developing and implementing strategies to meet individuals goals.
Experience : 10 - 15 Years
Education : Executive Financial Service Manager / Managing Director
Skills : Business strategy, Finance, Investment
Sebastian Raphael San Zhan Long
Business Consultancy, Logistics and Transportation, Corporate Services
Profession : Business Consultancy, Logistics and Transportation, Corporate Services
Description :  
"To do work that has an impact in people's lives" this has always guided me in choosing my career. I have been in tech startups for 10 years - I have changed the way people eat, commute from point A to point B, helped blue collar workers around Southeast Asia find jobs fast, and now bringing benefits to those without.
Experience : 5 - 10 Years
Education : General Manager, Singapore & Philippines
Skills : Business strategy, Operations management, IT digital solutions, Branding and marketing, Overseas expansion, E-commerce, Partnerships and Community engagement
Alex Tan Kai Yi
Manufacturing, Engineering
Profession : Manufacturing, Engineering
Description :

I am currently a career coach under young NTUC, have attended a few coaching courses. I have a wide range of engineering experience, I spend many years to search for the job that I am interested in.

I would like to pass my experience to my younger peers so that they will spend a shorter time to search for what suits best for them.
Experience : 5 - 10 Years
Education : Senior Service and Application Engineer
Skills : Business strategy, Operations management
Candace Reis Ang Hui Hoon
Health and Social Services
Profession : Health and Social Services
Description :

I am a mid career switch nurse who has been working in hospitals and step down care institutions for 9 years

I am also a trained clinical instructor who can engage and counsel youths to take on bigger challenges in life.
Experience : 5 - 10 Years
Education : Nurse Manager
Skills : Partnerships and community engagement
Ke Xueli
Fashion and Retail, Health and Social Services, Logistics and Transportation, Others
Profession : Fashion and Retail, Health and Social Services, Logistics and Transportation, Others
Description :

Growth-focused leader with 20+ years accomplishment managing in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and health and beauty retail sector as well as other industries. Proven track record of building relationships, engaging customers, demonstrating value, improving logistics and supply chain, and developing business opportunities whilst strictly adhering to regulations and policies. Deliver results with effective team leadership and collaborative management style.

I also managed  with youths such as 60 interns/project students over these years of working experience. I am also a career coach with Young NTUC since 2016.
Experience : 20+ Years
Education : Senior Manager/HOD, Logistics
Skills : Operations management, Business strategy, Others
Lin Wenrong
Profession : Others
Description :
In house corporate legal counsel with a MNC. Work experience of 15 years.
Experience : 10 - 15 Years
Education : Legal Counsel
Alicia Teng
Arts and Culture, Public Services
Profession : Arts and Culture, Public Services
Description :

Alicia Teng heads the Community and Access team which oversees access initiatives, art x wellness programmes, volunteer management and community engagement at National Gallery Singapore. She has led the development of various access and community programmes, working in close partnership with community stakeholders to engage with diverse communities at the Gallery. This also includes equipping and supporting over 450 volunteers to create a welcoming experience for Gallery's visitors.

Her 11 years of art administration experience include marketing, sales and development for the Singapore Arts Festival organised by the National Arts Council and partnership development at National Gallery Singapore, contributing to the successful solicitation of multiple major gifts. Prior to being the in arts, Alicia was in the media and tourism sector performing roles in sales and marketing respectively. Alicia also is an alum of the National Council of Social Services (NCSS) 40-under-40 Young Leaders programme.
Experience : 15 - 20 Years
Education : Assistant Director, Community & Access
Skills : Branding and marketing, Partnerships and community engagement, Others
Velda Wong Shu Yi
Arts and Culture, Education and Training, Public Services
Profession : Arts and Culture, Education and Training, Public Services
Description :

Learning and development specialist, specialising in trade competencies and core competencies (soft skills, hard skills like writing). Plays the piano (ABRSM grade 8), read, write, play sports in my free time. Volunteer at various agencies such as Roses of Peace,, over-the-rainbow, and is a youth corps leader with Youth Corps Singapore. Has extensive mentoring experiences with Advisory Singapore and Voices of Asia since 2020, and writes with various publications (

Am a certified ACLP trainer and scrum master (with scrum alliance). Always happy to talk about international relations, PPE and interfaith topics. Works closely with ESG and SBF to conduct FTA education and outreach. Believes in letting my work speak for itself.
Experience : 2 - 5 Years
Education : Assistant Director
Skills : Human resource, Partnerships and community engagement, Operations management
Terence Toh Jun Zhi
Finance and Insurance, Information and Communications, Others
Profession : Finance and Insurance, Information and Communications, Others
Description :

Started my first startup back in 2015 with zero funding. Exited the first startup in 2019. Join the core team of a new blockchain startup as a Chief of Staff. Manage and oversee everything from operations, HR, finance, business development and M&A for the company.

On the side, invested in and advise multiple crypto/ blockchain startups. One of the start-ups recently closed a USD$ 13.5 Mil round.

I don't believe in unicorn startups, only cockroach startups. Build your business to survive the worst-case scenario and success will come eventually.

Experience : 5 - 10 Years
Education : Chief of Staff
Skills : Operations management, Business strategy, Human resource
Luo Chen Jun
Protection Specialist
Profession : Protection Specialist
Description :
Former Amazonian (Amazon Singapore) | University of Nottingham Alumni Advisor / Mentor (MSc) | Active Mentor of 5 non-profit organizations | Ex- L'Oreal Brandstorm Finalist | Lean In Singapore Chapter Member and Ally | Singapore Swedish Chamber of Commerce Young Professional Member |SG50 Writing Champion
Experience : 2-5 Years
Education : Garden International School
Skills : Operations Management, Human Resource, Partnerships & Community Engagement
Profession : CEO
Description :
Prof. Roy Ling is the CEO & Founder of FollowTrade. Concurrently, he is also an Adjunct Professor in Finance at the SKEMA Business School, an Academic Program Director at SMU Academy, and an Independent Board Director on several listed companies in Asia. Prof. Ling is a seasoned veteran with more than 20 years in investment banking with JPMorgan, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, and Salomon Smith Barney. His expertise is in Asia real estate, REIT IPOs, and SPACs, and he had completed some of the highest-profile advisory and capital market transactions in the region. Prof. Ling is also a distinguished board director with more than 16 years of corporate governance experience across Asia. He was honored as the Real Estate Executive of the Year 2016 by Singapore Business Review, and as one of 20 Rising Stars in Real Estate 2008 by Institutional Investor. Prof. Ling graduated from INSEAD with a Global
Experience : 20 Years
Education : Raffles Institution
Skills : Finance, Investment, Business Strategy
Zoey Lim
Description :
Mentor coach who help professionals find purpose, direction and excel in their careers
Experience : 5-10 Years
Education : University of Adelaide
Skills : Business Strategy, Operations Management, Branding & Marketing
Maurice Chan
Description : Maurice has a MOH license
Experience : 5-10 Years
Education : Hwa Chong Institution
Skills : Operations Management, Business Strategy, Partnership & Community Engagement
Willy Tan Kian Ping
Description :
Willy Tan is currently a Financial Services Director at Prudential Assurance Company Singapore. He is also the Co-founder of Mirage Labs - a Digital solutions development house that supports companies specifically for their digital transformation endeavours. Willy has worked extensively on topics of strategy, economic development,public policy, technology innovation and productivity across a wide range of industries including public administration, financial services, education , digital transformation through his career as Research Engineer at National University of Singapore , a Prudential Financial Services Director heading a group of Financial Consultants ,Adjunct lecturer at Nanyang Technological University and the co-founder of a management consulting firm Mirage Labs leading a team of management Consultants.
Experience : 20 Years
Education : National Junior College
Skills : Business Strategy, Finance, Investment
Business Development Executive
Profession : Business Development Executive
Experience : 2-5 Years
Education : Republic Polytechnic
Skills : E-commerce, Digital Solutions, Operations Management
Career Coach
Profession : Career Coach
Experience : 20 Years
Education : Dunman High Junior College
Skills : Business Strategy
Benny Mak
Education & Training, Corporate Services, Business Consultancy
Profession : Education & Training, Corporate Services, Business Consultancy
Description :
Benny is passionate about learning, helping others to develop knowledge and skills. He has been actively coaching and mentoring students in higher education and professionals. He administered the industry-based projects enabling students to demonstrate their creativity and problem-solving skills in real-world industrial problems identified by industrial partners.
Experience : 20 Years
Education : MBA from Murdoch University
Skills : Business Strategy, Branding & Marketing, Operations Management
Benjamin Lee
Information & Communications, Public Services
Profession : Information & Communications, Public Services
Description :
I am an ICT professional with experience in software development. I am currently leading an ICT department in HDB. Have been guided by good mentors in the past, hoping to pay it forward and use my experiences to guide youths that are interested in joining the ICT industry.
Experience : 10-15 Years
Skills : IT, Digital Solutions
Sim Kang Wei
Health and Social Services, Public Services
Profession : Health and Social Services, Public Services
Description :

A self-driven advocate for Persons With Disabilities (PWDs) seeking to connect with stakeholders with the shared passion towards enabling PWDs to be contributive members of society through engagement and education. An experienced solution focused counsellor and trainer with more than 10 years of public speaking and training experience specializing in personal and group motivation, self-care, burnout, diversity, inclusion and special needs.

Looking for an opportunity within social services which will allow me to positively impact the youths that would become self managers that are empowered with the belief that they can overcome their personal challenges that would in turn fuel their hopes and aspirations.

Recipient of the Stars of SHINE Youth Award, which recognizes outstanding youths for their contributions to the community to encourage and inspire others. I am committed to building a care system that makes counseling a fun and engaging process that is client-centric and has long-term benefits.
Experience : 5 - 10 Years
Education : Assistant Manager
Skills : Operations management, Partnerships and community engagement
Donovan Tan
Arts and Culture, Creative Media and Publication, Health and Social Services
Profession : Arts and Culture, Creative Media and Publication, Health and Social Services
Description :

Donovan is the Founder and Creative Director of LOUPE Asia. Headquartered in  Singapore, LOUPE Asia is an award-winning social design studio specialising in UX design.

Donovan has had the opportunity to serve clients such as the Ministry of Education, Capitol Theatre and Lions Home for the Elders. He has also given courses on creating impact with UX design in organisations such as S&P Global, BBC Studios (Asia) and the Singapore Police Force. As a NTU Research Scholarship recipient, Donovan is also adjunct faculty at the University of Portsmouth and lead UX instructor at General Assembly.

Apart from work, Donovan aims to help build Singapore design's scene. Donovan has spoken at conferences, moderated panel discussions and been interviewed on national radio on the topics of value creation via social design and UX. He serves as a career mentor with YoungNTUC and volunteer career advisor with WSG.
Experience : 10 - 15 Years
Education : Founder & Creative Director
Skills : Branding and marketing, Business strategy, Partnerships and community engagement
Teresa Lin
Business Consultancy, Education and Training, Health and Social Services
Profession : Business Consultancy, Education and Training, Health and Social Services
Description :

I came to Singapore when I was 8 and have been studying here since. My mom was suppose to come with me but left after making arrangements for me to stay with a foster family instead because "the weather is unbearable" (feeling the motherly love. Hahaha).

My story is a rather atypical one, because I started my own business when I was 20, in my second year of University. I totally relate to the feeling of wanting to succeed in life but not sure how. At that time I was taking a double degree in Psychology and Business, was running this business and tutoring part time. Mentorship completely changed my life because I learnt what the biggest difference between successful people and people who end up regretting much of their life is.

Looking forward to connecting with ambitious, humble, smart and hungry individuals. Feel free to reach me on LinkedIn!
Experience : 5 - 10 Years
Education : Business Owner
Skills : E-commerce, Branding and marketing, Finance

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