Teresa Lin
Profession : Business Consultancy, Education and Training, Health and Social Services
Experience : 5 - 10 Years
Education : Business Owner
Skills : E-commerce, Branding and marketing, Finance
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I came to Singapore when I was 8 and have been studying here since. My mom was suppose to come with me but left after making arrangements for me to stay with a foster family instead because "the weather is unbearable" (feeling the motherly love. Hahaha).

My story is a rather atypical one, because I started my own business when I was 20, in my second year of University. I totally relate to the feeling of wanting to succeed in life but not sure how. At that time I was taking a double degree in Psychology and Business, was running this business and tutoring part time. Mentorship completely changed my life because I learnt what the biggest difference between successful people and people who end up regretting much of their life is.

Looking forward to connecting with ambitious, humble, smart and hungry individuals. Feel free to reach me on LinkedIn!