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Initiated by Octopus8, InterviewsConnect is a program that is For the Youth, By the Youth. 
InterviewsConnect aims to enrich the Youth for their careers in the future, as well as to develop their capabilities,
through the guidance of mentors in the working world.

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Our Partnership with MentoringSG

Octopus8 is now part of the MentoringSG Movement.

If you are looking to view the mentors, please click on the button below.
You will be redirected to MentoringSG’s Homepage.

Our Past Events

IC 1.0 Resources

head start workshop : Interviews

Head Start Workshop : Prequisites

Head Start Workshop : Career Interest

Head Start Workshop : Analyse Job Requirements

IC 2.0 Resources

Head Start Workshop : MOS Tan’s Speech

Head Start Workshop : Guest Speakers

Head Start Workshop 2.0 : Managing Conflicts

Head Start Workshop 2.0 : Managing a Work Life Balance

Sharing of First Job Experiences

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